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75th Anniversary of The Normandy Invasion

Summer 2019

Dr. Morris | Hobbiton | The Shire | New Zealand

As an experienced traveler myself, I can say with confidence: taking this course with an openness to exploration, a willingness to be flexible, and a desire to have fun will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

In fact, I can GUARANTEE that this course will be a defining experience of your college years, providing memories that will last for the rest of your life.

Meet the Professor

R.C. Morris, PhD
Professor of Sociology

Hi, my name is Dr. R.C. Morris. I am a professor of Sociology at Weber State University. I joined WSU faculty in 2017. I teach the Criminology emphasis in the Sociology program covering topics like Life-Course Criminology, Research Methods, Ethics, as well as Intro to Sociology and Social Problems. I earned my doctorate in Social Psychological Criminology from the Sociology Department at Purdue University in 2014.

I love teaching and I also love to travel! I am excited to provide this faculty led course. During this study abroad program we cover lots of ground, including: the foundations for government representing people, origins of social theory, international justice, and more.

When I am not teaching, doing research, or in a meeting on campus I am spending time with my spouse and four children, likely hiking or mountain biking. You might also occasionally find me on a golf course. 🙂

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