I.  Criminal Justice under the Constitution

A.  Federal Criminal Justice: The Bill of Rights
B.  State Criminal Justice: Selective Incorporation of the Bill of Rights

II.  Fourth Amendment: Unreasonable Searches and Seizures

A.  Search and Seizure

1.  The Right to Privacy
2.  The Warrant Requirement

B.  Warrantless Searches

1.  Border Searches
2.  Automobile Searches
3.  Consent Searches
4.  Hot Pursuit
5.  Plain View
6.  Stop and Frisk
7.  Exigent Circumstances
8.  Incident to an Arrest

C.  Arrests
D.  The Right to Privacy Post-9/11

III. Enforcing Constitutional Rights: The Exclusionary Rule

A.  Mapp v. Ohio – Tell the story – Discussion
B.  Exceptions to the Rule
C.  The Demise of Mapp v. Ohio?
D.  Alternatives to the Rule
E.  Illegally Seized Persons

IV. Fifth Amendment: Self-incrimination

A.  The Self-incrimination Privilege
B.  The Miranda Warnings – Abby Newman Video Clip – Discussion

V.  The Use and Abuse of Force

A. “Don’t Taze Me Bro” – UF Video Clip – Discussion
B. The Ultimate Seizure of the Person: Deadly Force – Amadou Diallo Video Clip – Discussion
C.  Abuse of Force – Rodney King Video Clip – Discussion

*This outline is for a 50minute class session.