For two years, from January 2012 to December of 2013, I was heavily involved with a campus-wide course redesign program at Purdue University called Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation (IMPACT). I was a member of the IMPACT Assessment Committee analyzing data related to courses that had gone through a redesign process.

Instructors in the IMPACT program work with teams from across campus including team members from the Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE), ITaP, Libraries, Extended Campus, and Discover Learning Research Center (DLRC) to redesign their courses. The faculty cohort is also part of a faculty learning community (FLC). A comprehensive assessment plan was put in place by the IMPACT assessment committee.

My primary role as a member of the assessment committee involed analysis and reporting on the outcomes related to IMPACT redesign. A few of these analysis related projects can be found here: Research – Data Visualization

I was also involved with the conceptualization phases of redesign, working on strategies for effective course redesign including training related to course transformation. For example, I created a training Prezi for the IMPACT program. The Prezi is best viewed in full-screen mode (click on “Start Prezi” then click on the window enlargement button in the bottom right corner of the Prezi window):

If there are any issues viewing the presentation you can also open it here: LINK

Over the course of my education I have become increasingly committed to my own development as a teacher and to the development of pedagogy in general. My desires to continually improve lead to earning the Graduate Teaching Certificate through Purdue’s Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE). Following my GTC, in the fall of 2011, CIE offered me a Teaching Assistantship that I eagerly took on. I subsequently completed an Advanced Graduate Teaching Certificate with CIE, and then applied for and took on the role as the lead quantitative researcher for the IMPACT project.

In addition to pedagogy I am very interested in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL). SOTL was a key area of emphasis within CIE and increasingly across campuses nationwide. In fact, the IMPACT project began as an effort to improve teaching on campus while also providing a framework for empirical scholarship to be conducted relative to pedagogy and course redesign.

My own research efforts also reflect my commitment to issues of pedagogy. I have multiple papers currently in print or under review that focus on issues related to the SOTL.