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These comments represent examples of the feedback I receive from students.

Soc 100 – Introduction to Sociology (Online):

“Stuck with the syllabus.”

“Professor Morris seems very fair in his grading. Although this was a distance learning course, I definitely got the feeling that [he] cared that the students were learning.”

“Responds very quickly to emails.”

“You are the best professor i ever seen so far at Purdue!”

“I appreciate your timeliness in responding to e-mails and updating everyone with blackboard announcements. Overall, this is a well-structured course and i would recommend my friends to take it if they were considering it.”

“He helped me tremendously when I needed to set my quiz to another date. He emailed Distance Learning and copied me on the email as well. I thought this w as very nice of him to do because a lot of instructors will not help in this manner.”

“Robert Morris was always prompt about returning emails and answering questions. He was very good about sending us announcements to remind us of important test dates and times.”

“It was a pleasure to take your course and extra credit was very interesting!”

Soc 324 – Criminology:

“Professor Morris was an excellent teacher who I really learned alot from. His exams and homeworks assignments were challenging but I felt that Iearned alot in the process.”

“One of the best instructors i have ever had. Great job. Make it very enjoyable to come to class and great and at being enthusiastic. Very clear that you will make a great professor in the future.”

“Rob has continued to exceed my expectations in this class by always being willing to answer any questions and presenting the class material effectively. I also enjoyed how he tied in current events via movies and tv clips to keep the lectures entertaining while still staying on topic.”

“Excellent class, one of the most interesting I’ve had here at Purdue. I would also say that you are one of the best instructors I’ve had. Much appreciation.

“Teaches the class with great humor and enthusiasm.”

“I think you did a really great job as a teacher!”

Soc 328 – Criminal Justice:

“I really enjoyed presentation days in this course. The discussions that took place following the presentations were always very thought provoking and interesting. The daily quizzes w ere effective in getting people to attend class. Personally, I feel as though they w ere a good w ay to get people to read the chapters. The material covered in this course was very interesting and well presented by the instructor.”

“I have never had such an energetic and funny instructor. He uses humor to keep us interested and presents the material in different and exciting ways. Although the course material is challenging, he is very approachable and down to earth. I think he should definitely consider teaching as a profession after his Phd. Seriously cool person.”

“By far my favorite class of the semester!”

“I loved how he kept the class alive through humor, videos, etc.”

“I found myself really enjoying this course. I really liked how I did not have to come to class dreading lecture everyday, instead he made it interesting and tried different styles of learning to try and get his points across.”

“Morris is one of my favorite teachers I have had since attending Purdue. He is enthusiastic towards teaching and uses multiple means to get the information across that keeps class interesting.”

“This is easily my favorite course this semester. The lectures are interesting and engaging and mostly independent of the reading, they are not the book being read to us from slides.”

“His enthusiasm with each topic keeps me interested. You can tell he really cares about teaching and the topics he teaches and that helps us students enjoy the class and have a better time learning the subject because he makes it interesting. He can make any dull boring court case interesting to us, and when things interest us or well interest me they stick in my mind and I remember them better for tests.”

“Awesome class. I took as an elective with really no expectations, and it ended up being one of my favorite classes this semester. Learned a lot while having fun.”

“I could not have been happier with what he was doing already. Everything was awesome and I had a fun time in your class. Keep doing what you are doing, cause it works!!!”

“Exams are difficult – they are too many cases that need to be memorized for those students who may have interest in the course but not necessarily in the career of CJ.”

“He uses humor effectively in class. However, it is clear to see that he is passionate about the subject. I think he’s got the w hole teaching thing down.”

“None – The only thing I hated about the course was the quizzes but because we took 13 and only 10 were used for our grade I thought it was far and made up for having so many!”

“[I liked] the comment cards. It’s an easy chance for points and forces some students to speak up”

“One of the best professors I’ve had. He’s very enthusiastic and keeps the class interesting and interested”

“Great attitude, personality, demeanor, excitement, effort, knowledge, humor.”

“Made my last semester worth while. Did not miss one class all semester.”

Soc 340 – General Social Psychology:

“One of my favorite classes! I love that there are opportunities for points other than just exams.”

“I thought that the course overall was wonderfull. I hope that he keeps teaching the w ay that he does and he keeps involving the students the w ay that he has.”

“I also appreciate that he takes attendance because it is helpful to gain some extra points for showing up.”

“Great class discussions and student presentations hit on topics discussed in class. My second class with this instructor and he is still one of my favorite professors.”

“Very fun and upbeat teacher. Really enjoyed the material because professor presented the material in a fun way. He also made it applicable to our lives!”

“The instructor does a great job of relating to the the students.”

“Professor is very happy to teach and is very knowledgeable in his field.”

“When I enrolled in this class, I expected social psychology to be “common sense”. I’ve since recognized that it’s a lot more than that and I’ve come to really enjoy the subject matter. The instructor was excellent in keeping class discussions going and provided fun and insightful group projects that made the course very enjoyable. Easily one of my favorite classes here at Purdue.”

“keep doing the same thing.”

“I believe he actually connects with his students making his teaching much more effective.”

“The instructor involves discussion into the lectures very well but sometimes it’s just too early [in the morning] to think about things. The video experiments are the best thing about this class i think. It makes a group of people interact with others which is important to classroom chemistry.”

“He should teach other SOC spaces needed for Law and Society. He was great!”